This New Lavender Season of 2019

This year I’d like to introduce two new ways to take real lavender with you everywhere you go.  One is a silk lavender sachet key charm or key fob.  Which you could also just hang from your rear view mirror.  The other is a lavender filled brooch I’ve attached to a kilt pin with a … Read more

BailiwickStudio – Lavender Sachets, Home Fragrance, Unique Gifts

Jill Burgess in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, creates a variety of handmade items, often using lavender.  Is there too much lavender?  Never!  So I am happy to help promote any and all quality handmade items which use real lavender.  Maybe you don’t need one of my lavender wands. Maybe you need a lovely lavender sachet … Read more