Orchardviewlavenderfarm – If you can dream it you can do it.

Jim and Monica are growing lavender Port Murray, New Jersey.  Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to watch the sunrise or sunset from here during the spring and summer when the lavender is in bloom?

You can visit their website to see all the items they create with lavender: OrchardViewLavenderFarm
And you can follow them on Instagram: instagram.com/orchardviewlavenderfarm/
And on Facebook: orchardviewlavenderfarm
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Peter is designing cool new patterns in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I am particularly fond of butterflies and really enjoy this embroidery pattern.  I hope you visit his Etsy shop to pick out a pattern for yourself:
Or you can visit his website:  newleafstitchery.com
And you can follow him on Instagram:  instagram.com/newleafstitchery

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GrandmaSeedsandGifts – Non GMO, Organic, and Many Rare

Christine is cultivating beautiful flowers seeds for you in Huntington Beach, California.  I was searching for Chicory seed when these Shooting Stars caught my eye!  As we go into winter mode, why not start planning next years garden by visiting her shop on Etsy? GrandmaSeedsandGifts

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HoganTreeSwings – Custom, Handcrafted Tree Swings – 850 Artists

David Hogan is making handcrafted tree swings in Lexington, South Carolina.  We could really use a cool swing like this here and I hope you need one too!   Visit his Etsy shop to see more of them, some are painted in bright colors, some are one ropers.  HoganTreeSwings

And you can follow them on Facebook:  facebook.com/hogantreeswings
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PLUS I am celebrating have posted 850 artists, artisans, makers as of this post!!