nanogallery – Watercolors by Nancy Notarianni

Nancy Notarianni is a watercolor artist in Cleveland, Ohio.  I really enjoy how she caught the sunlight coming through the trees in this floral landscape.  I hope you use this link to her Etsy shop to see more: nanogallery You can follow her on Instagram: And Facebook: This post can also be found on the Canvas … Read more

GrandmaSeedsandGifts – Non GMO, Organic, and Many Rare

Christine is cultivating beautiful flowers seeds for you in Huntington Beach, California.  I was searching for Chicory seed when these Shooting Stars caught my eye!  As we go into winter mode, why not start planning next years garden by visiting her shop on Etsy? GrandmaSeedsandGifts This post can also be found on the Botanical page above.

HoganTreeSwings – Custom, Handcrafted Tree Swings – 850 Artists

David Hogan is making handcrafted tree swings in Lexington, South Carolina.  We could really use a cool swing like this here and I hope you need one too!   Visit his Etsy shop to see more of them, some are painted in bright colors, some are one ropers.  HoganTreeSwings And you can follow them on Facebook: This … Read more

TerraDawnMinerals – Small business | Minerals and Fossils | Southern Oregon

Tara Dawn is creating with stone in Talent, Oregon.  She has selected and polished beautiful stones of all kinds.  But as it is Halloween next week, I thought someone might have to have this carved agate skull!  You can find it in her Etsy shop here:  TerraDawnMinerals And you can follow her shop in Instagram: Plus … Read more

HENRYandWREN – Montessori Inspired Toys for Creative Play and Learning

Julie Rosenberg is creating cool education and creative toys in New York.  These would really spark the imagination of any child no matter how old…  I can see myself playing with these! You can visit her Etsy shop here:  HENRYandWREN Or go to her website: And you can follow her on Instagram: This post can also … Read more

jerryswoodworks – Custom Wood Beer Tap Handles, Wine Bottle Stoppers

Jerry Moon is working with wood in Washougal, Washington.  Why am I including him in the Musical Arts section?  Because he makes beautiful drum sticks!  I hope you visit his Etsy shop to see all of the other items he makes: jerryswoodworks Or you can use his own website: This post can also be found on … Read more

KendraStudiosInc – Original Work of Kendra Baird Runnels

Kendra Baird Runnels is a mixed media artist in Augusta, Georgia.  I really enjoy her use of materials in creating this wonderful swallow.  I hope you visit her Etsy shop to see her other pieces: KendraStudiosInc And you can follow her on Instagram: This post can also be found on the Mixed Media page above.

ScCountryMetal – Where metal comes to life

Steve and Crystal Olson are bringing metal to life in Kahlotus, Washington.  And wow, they do, don’t they!?  I had a hard time selecting a piece of theirs to show you here.  So I hope you visit their Etsy shop to see for yourself:  ScCountryMetal Or visit their website: This post can also be found on … Read more

DistrictGoods – Simple, High Quality Leather Goods

Evan Samuels is working with leather in Washington D.C.  I really enjoy the clean simple form of these wallets.  I was looking for something slim and found these.  What will you find when you visit his Etsy shop?  DistrictGoods And you can also follow him on Instagram: This post can also be found on the Leather … Read more