ColoredInStone – Jewelry by Stone Cutter and Metalsmith

Roxanne Mendoza is a metal smith and stone cutter creating unique pieces in Portland, Oregon.  I love the name of her shop on Etsy because speaks to the wonderful colors and patterns which a talented stone cutter can reveal for us.  I hope you visit her shop:  ColoredInStone This post can also be found on the … Read more

fromseedandsoil – From Seed & Soil

Tobias Hibbs is creating musical instruments in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.  He also has a variety of other items he creates with wood, like cool cutting boards.  But I was looking for handcrafted musical instruments when I found his shop here on Etsy:  fromseedandsoil This post can also be found in the Musical page above.

casadelgatto – Bronze Cat and Mouse Door Knockers

Derek Bernstein is creating with metal in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  The first time I saw one of his door knockers I was blown away!  These are so cool!  I hope you visit his Etsy shop to see more of them:  casadelgatto Or his website: Tell a friend, share this on social media! This post can also be … Read more


Liz Hershey is creating handmade paper in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  You can support people who hand make items like her so they can continue to create, by visiting their websites, e-commerce sites, and following them on their social media venues.  I hope you visit LizHersheyArt and find something you like:  LizHersheyArt This post can also be found … Read more

SawtoothGlassProject – Art Glass – Useful and Beautiful

Matt & Rose are creating with molten glass in Boise, Idaho.  Aren’t these re-usable decorated glass straws cool!?  They have so many other hand blown glass items for you to choose from. Visit their Etsy shop here:  SawtoothGlassProject  Or their website: And follow them in Instagram here:  sawtoothglassproject And Facebook here:  sawtoothglassproject This post can also be found … Read more