This New Lavender Season of 2019

This year I’d like to introduce two new ways to take real lavender with you everywhere you go.  One is a silk lavender sachet key charm or key fob.  Which you could also just hang from your rear view mirror.  The other is a lavender filled brooch I’ve attached to a kilt pin with a few charms and hand crocheted lace, combing two things I love.  Crocheting lace and weaving the lavender I grow into these tiny baskets.

The lavender crop is growing fast again this year and it won’t be long before once again, I am making lavender wands as fast as I can all summer and into the fall.  This is the best time of year to place orders for numbers of one color and one size.  So my Advance Order listings are back up in my Etsy shop Pedricks

Plus!  This year I opened an Amazon Handmade shop which went Prime this month.  Which means that they have pre-packaged sets of my lavender wands ready to send to you from their warehouses.  I am looking forward to offering a lot of my sets via Prime this year.  My shop there has the same name: Pedricks

I am really looking forward to also featuring artisans I also find now on Amazon Handmade this year!

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