Pedricks – Lavender Wands and Lavender Filled Pendants

Today I am celebrating two years since I bought the domain name and began looking for artists to promote via Blogger.  Since then, the blog has received over 65,000 views and the Pinterest board for ArtisansOfAmerica averages 30,000 views per month!

And I am introducing a whole new item for my lavender shop, Lavender Filled Pendants.  I only made then using the ultra thin double-sided satin ribbon, which doesn’t come in the same range of colors at the wider ribbon, but I was able to make them in 28 colors.  With a few of them, I even used the vintage Jacquard ribbons I began using this summer for some of my huge lavender wands.

So now you can wear real lavender around your neck and be able to enjoy the aroma.  I also made them in the form of a bookmark with a clasp at one end so you could hang it from the rear view mirror of your vehicle instead.

I hope you visit my Etsy shop to see them:  Pedricks

And here is to many more years of celebrating Artisans Of America!

This post can also be found on the Pedricks page above.

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