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Andy Burde is cultivating plants in Irvine, California for you to grow indoors.  Because houseplants are back!  Bringing beauty, oxygen, and relaxation into your home.  They come in such a wide variety, from ones that need a bit of a attention every day, to those that can be left to themselves for months.  Take a look at what he has available by using this link to his Etsy store:  houseplantshop

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Years ago, I grew ferns for a large and once famous plant nursery in Capitola, California.  They were famous for their begonias and fuchsias, and I managed an acre of ferns out back.  I had ‘Birds Nest’ ferns like the one shown above, that had fronds taller than me!  Each new frond can be bigger than the previous one if a source of humidity is nearby.  Here is an old photo of the stock ferns I harvested fern spore from to grow new baby ferns.

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