Celebrating 2500 Lavender Wands This Summer

Catherine Pedrick grows and weaves English Lavender near Moss Landing, California.  Located almost midway between Santa Cruz and Monterey on coast.  This is me, and this summer I used almost 40,000 stems of lavender to break my own personal record by making over 2500 lavender wands.  The season is drawing to a close, there is very little lavender left now.  

And to celebrate, here is the tenth in a new series of huge lavender wand I began making this summer when I discovered Jacquard ribbon by accident when I was looking for more double-sided satin ribbon to use for my normal wands.  Jacquard ribbon has the pattern woven into it, not printed on the surface like most ribbon today.  So it is almost all vintage and hard to find.  This last ribbon came all the way from Turkey!
I hope you will use this link to my Etsy store to see all of the other lavender wands: Pedricks

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