Maria Vallese is an artist in Utica, New York.  I really enjoy her illustrations and she has put them onto paper forms you can use, like notepads and such.  This one reminds me of a summer I drove to New York from San Francisco in a VW van! I hope you visit her store by … Read more

JanetReidWilsonArt – Fine Art Paintings

Janet Reid Wilson is an artist in Eden Mills, Canada.  Isn’t it amazing how an artist can turn the ordinary into extraordinary?  I hope you use this link to visit her store:  JanetReidWilsonArt  Or this link to her website: This post can also be found on the Canvas page above.

Celebrating 1,000 new wands!

The 2018 started off with an exceptional crop of lavender.  To celebrate the first 1,000 wands of this season, here is a new huge lavender wand I made with a kind of ribbon called Jacquard.  The pattern on these ribbons is not printed on the surface, it is woven into the ribbon!  This kind of … Read more

HiHorseRanch – Fine leather for dogs and humans

Lorrie and Gord are hand working fine leathers in Cilliwack, Canada.  You can see the quality of their work and pick something out for someone you care about by using this link to their store:  HiHorseRanch Or this link to their website: This post can also be found on the Leather page above.

McCullenCeramics – Handmade storybook animals for your home

Ryan McCullen is a cermic artist in San Francisco, California.  This set of salt and pepper shakers is delightful!  Pick out a character for your home by using this link to his store:  McCullenCeramics Or this link to his website: This post can also be found on the Ceramic page above.