myflowersworld – Art of silk ribbon embroidery

Lyudmyla Burd is creating with silk ribbon in Beverly Hills, Florida.  The first time I saw this art form, I was just amazed that I had never seen it before.  I have always loved embroidery and often make my own patterns, but now I would love to learn how to do this!  Meanwhile, take a … Read more

CatDancingArtStudio – Ceramics – Wheel Thrown, Handmade, and Hand Built

Catherine Pedrick is learning ceramics in Santa Cruz County, California.  I first took ceramics in college in my teens and was finally able to return to take three years of college level classes about five years ago.  Then I did a year of volunteering for the ceramics department while I worked in the ceramic studio … Read more

KeepsakeDesignsbyCMM – And Celebrating 500 Artists!

Cindy Massingill is designing one of a kind pieces in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This is my second post for Cindy and it is to celebrate having 500 artists listed here now!  Next week on Thanks-giving Day, it will have been one year since I started and began using Blogger to post artists everyday.  To date, … Read more

DovetailArtistry – Finely Crafted Wood Art

Brian Schlindwein is working with fine woods in Independence, Missouri.  I love wood and I especially love finely made wood boxes.  Isn’t this one beautiful!?  I hope you will consider purchasing one of his pieces by using this link to his store:  DovetailArtistry This post can also be found on the Wood page above.