SucculentTreasures –

Tamra Meeh has got the succulent selection you need from San Diego, California!  Succulents come in such an amazing variety of shapes, forms, colors, you name it!  I hope you visit her store to see more by using this link:  SucculentTreasures

SucclentTreasures can also be found on our Botanical Arts page above.

For the next two weeks I am also going to be asking people to PLEASE at least visit my Kickstarter campaign.  And maybe even tweet or share it?  If this Kickstarter project, which is like GoFundMe for artists and small self starter businesses, I will no longer be able to afford to grow lavender, nor will I be able to continue my education in ceramics.

Traffic creates traffic, just visiting my project and reading it will help a great deal!  Here is the link to it:  Kickstarter for PedricksCorner   I only have 15 days to go!  It is all or nothing, if it doesn’t succeed, I get nothing.  If it does succeed, you DO get something!

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