SmartSeeds – Rare and wondrous seeds from around the world

Mia Myers is providing some really cool seeds for you in Claremont, California.  Take a walk on the wilder side and plant something you won’t find at your local store!  Doesn’t this corn look wonderful? You can see more by using this link to her Etsy store:  SmartSeeds Or by using this link to her … Read more

SawyerCeramics – Handmade Functional Pottery

Jonathan Sawyer is a ceramicist in San Diego, California.  There is something special about eating out of handmade vessels.  You feel a connection with the artist in a way you wouldn’t with most other art forms.  I hope you use this link to visit his Etsy store:  SawyerCeramics Or use this link to visit his … Read more

EarthyByDesign – Rustic Handcrafted Jewelry & Mixed Media Art

Susan Anderson works with mixed medias in Silverdale, Pennsylvania.  I am no art critic, so sometimes I do not know what to say about a piece I really like.  My main purpose is to show you a piece which will inspire you to visit their store and websites.  In other words, I select what I … Read more