YourZenZone – Organic Lavender Wands

Eva Miller grows organic lavender in Canada and weaves it into multi-colored lavender wands.  I am very impressed with the ones she makes using more than one color of ribbon because I know from experience that it is not an easy thing to do.  The Victorian ladies began weaving the lavender from their herb gardens into wands to preserve the lavender and use it to scent their homes.  Only fresh lavender can be used to make these. The flowers are still on the stem when they are woven, so the when the flowers dry and fall off of the stems, they are all held safely in the ribbon basket which has been woven around them.  To release the scent, just gently roll the end with the flowers in it between the two palms of your hands.  These can last for many, many years!  I hope you visit her store by using this link:  YourZenZone

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