More West Coast Storms

Hi, We are having more storms out here and high winds that are taking town trees left and right.  Yesterday I woke up to no power and when I tried to leave our little valley to at least recharge my laptop, the way out at the main road was blocked in both directions with downed trees.
  This morning there was still no power, but I was able to make it past the trees which had been cut just enough to let cars through single file in several places.  Now I am finally in wood shop class on the Cabrillo College campus and fortunately, we have power here!  Wood shop goes on!
  I love wood almost as much as I love clay and making fine wooden boxes has always been a dream of mine.  Three boxes are currently in progress.  One will be maple, cherry, and walnut.
  Meanwhile, as soon as I have power again, I will begin posting artists again.  All of the files to do this are on the home computer, not this laptop.

Thanks!  Catherine

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