UnderTheSunSeeds – Beautiful Annuals,Perennials,Fruits,Vegetables & More!!

Tim Staggs carefully cultivates and harvests seeds for you in Ocean Park, Washington.  Cultivating plants to collect their seeds to maintain a variety or develop new ones, is a skill that goes back way before written history.  The fact that carrots started out in a rainbow of colors is something many people do not know! … Read more

The Dusty Raven Gallery – Giving unexpected new life to discarded and forgotten

Dan Towell gives new life to all kinds of materials and turns them into fascinating and delightful sculptures in Hamilton, Montana.  I have been a fan of his facebook page for some time now and love to see what new mixed media sculpture he has created!  You can see more by using this link to … Read more

SuellensCreations – Suellen’s Creations, LLC

Suellen uses an interesting technique for her jewerly designs in Globe, Arizona.  She specializes in bead crochet and woven designs.  I crochet lace, and I have crocheted beads into my lace, so I know this is not an easy skill to be using to make her lovely jewelry.  I hope you use this link to … Read more

PersimonDreams – Quilt Patterns, Heirloom Quilts, Ornaments, Fiber Art

Kim Lapacek is a fiber art diva in Madison, Wisconsin.  Although todays artists use brand new materials, quilting is the original up-cycling/recycling of arts.  It comes from a long tradition of not wasting even the smallest little piece of woven cloth left from clothing and sewing those bits into colorful and creative patterns which often … Read more

Lavender Green – Lavender gifts from the garden

Ginna Gemmell grows wonderful aromatic lavender in Knox, Pennsylvania.  Dried lavender can last for many years bestowing it’s wonderful qualities.  It has far too many uses to be described here, but you can learn a great deal more about it and purchase items using lavender by clicking on this link to her website: lavendergreen.com