Liz Crain Ceramics – Specializing In Trompe-l’œil

Liz Crain is a well-known ceramic artist in Capitola, California who is currently specializing in trompe-l’œil with her incredible replicas of antique beer cans, spice tins, and most recently, antique cans of food such as “pork brains.” She also makes faces which are certainly not perfect and beautiful as defined by societies and magazine covers.  They are more real somehow because they are not the well balanced and proportioned faces we are taught to recognize as handsome.  She gives them expression, thought, and emotion when she forms the faces by not seeking to make them perfect human replicas.
I have the pleasure of knowing Liz Crain, Merry Christmas Liz! 
And since I could not choose between these two examples of her work, I decided I must include them both.  One reminds me of one of my favorite music albums and one reminds me of one of my favorite subjects.

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