SallyManke – Art Quilts, Fiber Art, Quilts for Sale

Eventually, I will slow down to just one or two posts a day.  But for now, my goal is to add as many artists and artisans as I can before the end of this year.
Now, this is an artisan after my own heart.  I LOVE quilts!  I have been quilting all of my life and I have always slept under the quilts I have made.  To me, it is as special as eating out of a bowl made by someone you care about.
I used to dream of having my own fabric store to feed my yardage and embroidery floss addition…  at least I know I am not alone in this.  You know who you all are!

Sally Manke fashions her quilts and other fiber arts in Arcadia, Michigan.  Brrr, it gets cold there!  They need quilts and walling hangings!
The one I chose to show you here is a real stunner.  Please visit her store to see more:

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