Claybykim – Fairy Doors… Dragons…Mermaids and more…

Claybykim falls into the “other” category, as Kim Detmers uses polymer clay to form her creations.  Before I was able to get back into ceramics, I began to dabble in polymer clay just to be able to finally do something which involved forming a clay into shapes.
And let me tell you, this is not as easy as you might think!  Especially the incredible detail.  Even though these forms cannot be used the way a ceramic piece can, you can do things in polymer clay you can’t do as well in ceramic clay.  Just the color palette alone is almost like painting.  Because it is so easy to blend your own specific colors.  “Apples and oranges” as they say.  Two fruits that are not at all alike and both wonderful.
This little fairy door is just the tip of the iceberg and I hope you spend some time looking around in Kim’s store.


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