Artisans Of America – What will this website be?

My hope is to create an informational source of artists and craftspeople in the Americas, who have their own websites or have a presence on the internet via other websites.  But who have been buried under the overwhelming amount of other items being sold via the same sources.  For now, I will be focusing on artists located in the North American continent.

My hope is to create a resource for small shops and galleries who once visited those other sources to purchase items to stock their inventories.

So there will be no links to vintage, supply sources, manufactured items, mass produced items, instant download items, services, etc.  here.  I was going to say there would also be no links to handmade jewelry here either, as there is such an abundance of it that to attempt to do so would be overwhelming, but there are a few people who have been very beneficial in assisting me when it came to gaining traffic to my main internet stores, and I would like to include them.  So there will be a small category for handcrafted jewelry.

This is going to be a learning process for me.  I used to know how to build a website and I need to relearn this skill.  I know how to write a blog, but I don’t want this to look like a blog.  There will be searchable categories for various kinds of artists and artisans.

As I add each new link to someones website or internet store, I will attempt to write a bit about them.  It would be nice to give each link it’s own page.  But I am not yet sure that is possible.

Last, but not least, I know that since my goal is to put my art and my creations such as lavender wands, into small stores, I offer reduced pricing for those who purchase in quantities.  And I am hoping others will be willing to consider doing the same.  After all, if you take your item to a store and ask them to display it on consignment, they usually get 60% of the sale price.  If and when it sells.  So if your website offers, for example, a 50% reduction in price for bulk purchases, we could attract the small stores and galleries I am hoping for and we would not need to wait until some one item sold in order to profit and move on to creating more!

Today is Thanks-giving 2016, I hope we all have something to be thank-full for!  Catherine

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