BluesLadyCreatons – bags,totes,paper,cards,stationery,and artwork.

This little store caught my attention because of her handmade paper.  But then I noticed her cool tote bags and really fell in love with the one with a bit of handmade paper stuck in the pocket.  Gerisue Heathman is in Anatone, Washington and I hope you pay her store a visit: BluesLadyCreations

Elaine Pinkernell – Ceramic Artist – Slab built stoneware and raku wall pieces

You should consider taking a workshop with Elaine Pinkernell, because you are going to have a blast even if you have never worked with clay before.  She will blow your mind when it comes to creative forms and surface decoration.  Three of my favorite pieces are ones I built in slab forms in one of … Read more

Claybykim – Fairy Doors… Dragons…Mermaids and more…

Claybykim falls into the “other” category, as Kim Detmers uses polymer clay to form her creations.  Before I was able to get back into ceramics, I began to dabble in polymer clay just to be able to finally do something which involved forming a clay into shapes. And let me tell you, this is not … Read more