Where Have I Been? Wow, No Posts Since March 2020!

 Hi, I realize there have been no new posts for Artisans Of America since March of this year.  But as you all know, this has been one crazy year, right!?  With a world wide pandemic going on and todays mortalities having the highest count ever for this year.

  Right after I went into shelter-in-place mode in March, I fell and broke my wrist.  Which may not seem like much, but if you put one hand on the forearm of your other arm and then wiggle the fingers of that other arm, you will feel all of the muscles and tendons in your forearm moving.  All of that finger action goes through your wrist…

  So breaking your wrist also means that you cannot use your hand and your fingers.  I literally could not even pick up a piece of paper for a long time.  It took a lot of physical therapy just to get to the point where I could fully close my hand.  Typing, even just using a computer mouse (which still hurts) was out of the question.

  Stranger still, I am not the only artist I know to have broken their wrist this year!  Weird, eh!?

  Part of my therapy was forcing myself to use my fingers and hand even when it was so painful after the cast came off by crocheting.  I tried teaching my other hand to crochet but it refused!

  I do hope to get back into searching for and featuring artists/makers/crafts people soon!

  Meanwhile, I decided to make a few crochets gift bags or soap savers or sachets.  What ever people choose to fill them with, they will come filled with lavender in little organza bags.  Then I was cruzing Pinterest and discovered fingerless gloves and got hooked (ha, ha) on making some of those for this winter using a wonderful yarn made from a blend of bamboo and cotton.  It is the softest yarn I’ve ever used!  You can see those on Instagram in the near future.  They are there now, but new posts to hashtags are being suppressed for the moment due to the elections and the need to prevent hashtags from getting hijacked for propaganda.  

See you again soon!

CattailCreekSaddlery – Hand Tooled Custom Leather

Robert is creating with leather in La Center, Texas.  He has been practicing this art for a long time and you can see more of pieces he has available in his Etsy shop here:  CattailCreekSaddlery
I was hoping to find him on Instagram as well, I think people would love to see his works in progress, wouldn’t you?

This post can also be found on the Leather page above.

LuckeyRoadLavenderCo – Lavender products grown in Ohio.

Kylee and Scott Wongrowski are growing lavender in Pemberville, Ohio.  I am glad to see I am not the only one putting real lavender into beautiful pendants!  I hope you visit their Etsy shop:  LuckeyRoadLavenderCo  to see all of their other lavender items.
Or their website:  luckeyacres.com
And you can follow them on Instagram:  instagram.com/love_and_lavender
This is after all, the Year Of The Lavender!

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